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About Vibetrak:

The Vibetrak Advertsing Omnibus measures perceptions, specifically by measuring Flow of Attention, Flow of Emotion, and Overall Understanding of your 30 second advertisement.

Recent Vibetrak Advertising Omnibus Case Study

To get a better understanding of how ads running during the 2011 Super Bowl performed, five advertisements were tested in the National Vibetrak Omnibus. Over a two-day period, more than 600 viewers throughout the US rated their recall and appreciation of these popular ads.

The Winner

Doritos - Taunting Dog
Doritos - Taunting Dog
Overall Ad Potential: 41%
Ad Potential Scores
Breakthrough Efficiency: 107% Ad Likeability Efficiency: 68% Cognitive/Emotional Response Efficiency: 56%
Vibetrak Rating Averages
Overall: 59.5 Men: 58.3 Women: 60.0
Under 25: 59.3 25-34: 61.4 35-54: 59.7 55+: 58.2
Vibetrak Overall Ratings »

The Doritos was shown to hold the strongest overall ad potential due to the ad's very strong breakthrough efficiency score, carrying the highest recall of any ad tested.

Other Commercials Tested

Volkswagen - Kid Vader
Volkswagen - Kid Vader
Overall Ad Potential: 40%
Ad Potential Scores
Breakthrough Efficiency: 78% Ad Likeability Efficiency: 80% Cognitive/Emotional Response Efficiency: 64%
Vibetrak Rating Averages
Overall: 70.7 Men: 69.8 Women: 71.0
Under 25: 72.4 25-34: 73.3 35-54: 71.7 55+: 67.2
Vibetrak Overall Ratings »

Though not the winner, the Volkswagen ad scored strong likeability and ad performance scores. Respondents clearly connected with the ad, shown in the ad's strong Vibetrak moment-by-moment ratings. The ad's potential downfall...issues with brand association affected the ad's breakthrough efficiency score.

Pepsi Max - Angry Girlfriend
Pepsi Max - Angry Girlfriend
Overall Ad Potential: 32%
Ad Potential Scores
Breakthrough Efficiency: 85% Ad Likeability Efficiency: 67% Cognitive/Emotional Response Efficiency: 56%
Vibetrak Rating Averages
Overall: 63.1 Men: 61.6 Women: 63.5
Under 25: 66.8 25-34: 66.4 35-54: 63.6 55+: 58.6
Vibetrak Overall Ratings »

While Pepsi Max's ad connected with women more than men, the ad showed favorable scores among respondents throughout the country.

Bud Light - Dog Party
Bud Light - Dog Party
Overall Ad Potential: 30%
Ad Potential Scores
Breakthrough Efficiency: 86% Ad Likeability Efficiency: 67% Cognitive/Emotional Response Efficiency: 56%
Vibetrak Rating Averages
Overall: 61.3 Men: 60.1 Women: 61.8
Under 25: 57.3 25-34: 60.0 35-54: 62.5 55+: 62.3
Vibetrak Overall Ratings »

While the dogs partied, respondents engaged quickly with the ad and provided relatively strong ratings for the ad overall.

Snickers - Lumberjacks
Snickers - Lumberjacks
Overall Ad Potential: 27%
Ad Potential Scores
Breakthrough Efficiency: 76% Ad Likeability Efficiency: 62% Cognitive/Emotional Response Efficiency: 56%
Vibetrak Rating Averages
Overall: 56.6 Men: 57.2 Women: 56.2
Under 25: 58.1 25-34: 56.5 35-54: 58.2 55+: 53.9
Vibetrak Overall Ratings »

Snickers' Lumberjacks ad carried the lowest ad potential among the tested commercial pod. The ad showed a relatively lower breakthrough and ad likeability efficiency scores. Throughout the moment-by-moment ratings, respondents appeared less connected with the ad as compared to other ads in the commercial pod.

About This Study:

Flynn Wright partnered with Luth Research to survey a sample of 644 US consumers, aided by Luth's nationwide panel. Email invites directed respondents to an online survey, which utilized Vibetrak, Flynn Wright's online perceptual analysis application.

The study was facilitated the following day after the 2011 Super Bowl and controlled sampling was finalized by mid-day Wednesday. Included in this advertisement study was a series of ads in a standard commercial break format: Bud Light (dog party), Pepsi Max (angry girlfriend), Volkswagen (kid Vader), Snickers (lumberjacks) and Doritos (taunting dog).

The National Vibetrak Omnibus utilizes a three part methodology to test an ad's effectiveness, including primary breakthrough, ad likeability, and cognitive/emotional response to advertising.

  • When used together, these metrics provide a comprehensive view of an ads ability to separate itself from the competition and develop a meaningful connection with viewers.
  • These metrics determine an advertising efficiency score, which is an efficient way to evaluate which ad ultimately performed the best among its clutter competition.

Benefits of Vibetrak

  • Strong Panel Sampling

    Web-based delivery eliminates geographic constraints, supporting a larger and stronger representative sampling.
  • Natural Testing Environment

    Testers can be in their natural viewing environments providing unbiased evaluation.
  • Flexible Methodology

    Testing can be used for large scale sampling or as an effective feedback tool during focus group sessions.
  • Real Time Feedback

    Continuous data feedback allows the client to view results anytime during the process.
  • Cost Savings

    Significant cost savings by reducing the time, travel and facility expenses required for traditional dial testing research.
  • Speed

    Many projects can be turned in as little as a week by reducing traditional requirements.
  • 24/7 Access

    Data, findings and evaluations available via client portal any time of the day or night.
  • Platform Independent

    Designed to work with a wide variety of computer platforms and web browsers.