Media Strategy

From local and state campaigns to major national political initiatives, Vibetrak is used in helping build effective political campaign strategies.

Campaign Commercial Testing

This perception analysis tool can help measure the effectiveness of political campaign commercials by giving you second-by-second reactions to the different words, faces and environments in the ad. With that kind of real-time feedback, you can determine which specific messages, words, phrases or images were misunderstood or disliked by viewers and make changes in order to make your political advertising more likeable. You can also deduct which words, terms and phrases were liked by the public and then focus your campaign around those.

Campaign Content Evaluation

Vibetrak is a great strategic consulting tool for evaluating a candidate's performance in debates, viewing news coverage, getting information on important campaign issues, and better understanding the public's perception and the impact of the media on your audience. And beyond your own candidate, Vibetrak can also measure the impact of your opponents' ads — providing additional campaign ideas, political slogans and possibly new campaign strategies.

Testing Political Campaign Strategies with Vibetrak is a great tool for:

  1. Political Consultants
  2. Campaign Strategists
  3. Political Campaigns
  4. Campaign Officials

Benefits of Testing Political Campaign Strategies with Vibetrak

  • Strong Panel Sampling

    Web-based delivery eliminates geographic constraints, supporting a larger and stronger representative sampling.
  • Natural Testing Environment

    Testers can be in their natural viewing environments providing unbiased evaluation.
  • Flexible Methodology

    Testing can be used for large scale sampling or as an effective feedback tool during focus group sessions.
  • Real Time Feedback

    Continuous data feedback allows the client to view results anytime during the process.
  • Cost Savings

    Significant cost savings by reducing the time, travel and facility expenses required for traditional dial testing research.
  • Speed

    Many projects can be turned in as little as a week by reducing traditional requirements.
  • 24/7 Access

    Data, findings and evaluations available via client portal any time of the day or night.
  • Platform Independent

    Designed to work with a wide variety of computer platforms and web browsers.